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  1. Phil, due to unforeseen circumstances I need to have my account deleted. Is that something you handle or do I need to do something?
  2. Phil, I just got up and running with this site....I'm overwhelmed!!
  3. FYI email me this stuff Buddy. Phil@lift4hope.org I almost missed this
  4. LOL. nice

    you want a CD of pretty much training music??

    I dont know how legal that would be for me to sell unless I got every bands permission and payed them?? Would it.
  5. Hey mate, can you do up a CD to sell on here (or some other downloadable format) of some heavy lifting, balls out, tear a new asshole, face slapping, kick the neighbors cat off the friggin PLANET! tunes. If not, i will tell everyone you listen to Justin Bieber!!!!
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    Good luck tomorrow, Mr.Stevens!
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Wow. one little section to explain "Me" I dont know. I guess I have spent the past years of my life really finding out who me is. Im a firm believer in that you need to know ones self and be comfortable with yourself, know what you really want out of life etc prior to being able to start to know others really. Once you know really know you then you can begin to try and know others and in a way much better than prior as you have a firm grasp on you, what you actually really believe, stand and live for. I feel over the past 6 years or so I have made huge strides in that compartment and am now reaching out again. Trying to get to know others, take, use what I have learned about me. What I know and firmly believe in life to be important is What I call the real stuff. Real friends, real family, real love, simple things, living life, for the real stuff not a bunch of "You Shoulds". You Should have a new car, you should have a new house, you should have a 9-5 job, 2.5 kids, a mortgage, credit card bills etc etc. None of that is essentially bad if its really what makes you happy you / we all need to find what that is in life and thats what I have done and am doing finding the real in life, and in those whom I choose to associate. I have no time for those who dwell in the negative all the time. Im a firm believer as well that in any situation there is the bad and the good. We need to try our best to learn from the bad, the mistakes, no regrets, but learn from them as well. IMO you learn three fold from any failure or hardship then any easy success.Nothing worthwhile is easy. Then we need to draw the good out of any and all situations, even horrid ones. ANYTHING no matter what it is has negatives and positives its our responsibility to see those and accept them in our life choices. no need in harping about them you picked your path, dont like it change it. So in general I am saying I have no real time to be down, in a crappy mood, or let others drag me down, I try at least. Hey thats all we can do right. If someone has a problem with me, hey, thats there problem. Im not out to hurt or disrupt your life in any way, if they really take the time to see what theyre getting worked up Same in return I cant allow my self to get worked up about others choices its there life If I dont like well thats OK I wont get worked up I just wont waste time on them. Yes this sounds so fairy tale, and cant we all just get along, but its what I believe and try to live by. I just dont have time to go through this life in misery or living for false happiness. Wow better wrap this up or Ill go forever rambling on. Due to the above, those words ,I am looking for and I think finding now slowly. Friends, love, real life, These are sacred words to me now, I dont just throw them around. Friend is not a word I use lightly any longer. I have in past and been stomped on by way to many so called friend. A friend is Much more to me now then someone I know. It takes time now for any
Same as Activities I Suppose Ctivities, Varied, Lifting Weight, Hiking, Biking, Painting, Drawing, B


Phil Stevens
"The Best Way To Suck At Something is to Keep not doing it"


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